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Årets Europapresident er Jon Fadri Huder

Hans hilsen:

Dear Kiwanis Friends

It is with great pleasure that I took over the office of European President on 1st October. I invested a lot of time in the preparation and everything was well planned. Unfortunately, a lot has changed in the world in the last few months, requiring a lot of flexibility from all of us and one thing is clear: The crisis we are facing these days is different. It can affect each and every one of us – certainly with varying force, but we all experience limitations and nobody can buy his or her way out of them. What protects us is keeping our distances. Very simple things from our perspective. But how can people in overcrowded refugee camps keep their distances? How are people supposed to wash their hands where there is not even water, let alone soap? The coronavirus is not just a health crisis. In view of this disaster, it is a moral obligation to help.

As members of one of the largest volunteer organizations, which primarily works to help children thrive, we as Kiwanians also have a role model function! People around the world now need our solidarity. We must be aware of this responsibility and live up to it.

Jon Fadri Huder
President 2020-21


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